KillTeam et al

With AoS progressing (see below),

I also started to delve into KT with a Single (from the recent SCALE75 Fallen Frontiers Heroes Kickstarter – Review tbd).

He will take the role of a Primaris Scout.

Other than that I started Batman and Harley (both Knight Models), primed Despair and Diane Tiannsen (both the aforementioned KS).

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Told you I would…

..get into KillTeam. After a quick survey of the Starter set I can say:

Great value for money.

Very open System.

No Primaris Hellblasters (see above).

For AoS I continue the bases for Seraphon and started building and basing the Ballista.

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New material

New material for AoS, Ballista and I am starting Seraphon.

For 40k I am planning to get into Kill Team.

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AoS Stormcast Eternals

6 down, 3 to go. To finalise them a Ballista and Vanguard with Crossbow. Maybe Judicators if the Ballista is only in the big set.

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Tango the Thief

A TMP story continues.

According to the latest stats Tango the Thief started to come back to my blog.

What are you planning to rip off from here to post on tmp this time? Or will Bill finally show a bit of decency and remove content he has no right to?

At least he seems to have removed the ridiculous claim that he owns everything that is posted on his ‘website’.

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Age of Sigmar

In other news, I am starting to get into Age of Sigmar. Naturally with the poster boys

but a Seraphon (Lizardmen) starter is already here. Another order has already been placed with my dude at the (local? Shanghai!) GW store.

The follow up will be Sylvaneth. Also good news for the gaming side, my colleague Eric and I are looking into starting a club at my university.

More news on AoS and revelations of “what was in the box” coming soon.

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An ancient evil….

What could be in there?

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