Review of ‘WARBAND – Fantasy Tabletop Wargaming Rules by Stephen Hardy’

After some serious procrastination I am back with a quick review of the rule set written by Stephen Hardy and published by the wonderful guys at Pendraken Miniatures. Leon and Dave have been helping me on a number of occasions with granting special wishes with my orders as well as some research.


I found out about them through my desire to play some kind of tabletop in the ‘Alien and Colonial Marines’ universe. To veterans of the gaming scene (Nick and Nosher) had some lovely pictures online that finally led me to the guys at Pendraken and I have not looked back since. I have praised them before and I will continue to do so, although I’m now on the other side of the Earth which limits my gaming time even more. No worries Leon, I do indeed order some more shinies – one day.


But now for the task at hand, the review of the rules. The rules comes as a 66 page full-colour paperback and exactly half of that is rules and the other half Army lists. It is essentially a 4+ success system where you role a number of dice for shooting, attacking as well as defending and other chance and ability events. The number of dice coming up with a 4, 5 or 6 is counted as a success and needs to be defended by another player by rolling the appropriate number of dice against your successes.

The simplicity makes these systems both accessible and ‘fast’ but do not underestimate the amount of strategic planning (e.g. blocked shooting lanes, army composition, manoevering etc) that is required in order to remain victorious on the field of honour.

The book itself is well designed with many full-colour pictures to explain the rules with lively examples. So what is not to like?


Source: Pendraken’s Photobucket


So far I haven’t found any reason not to give it a try and 16 GBP print/ 10GBP pdf is an argument why you should not overlook this little gem. The often perceived demise of fantasy rule sets is not real, when we are looking at it from a different perspective, namely adjusting for the realities of life (lack of time and money).


That means we should be open to new scales and ways for gaming within said realities (Warband and Pendraken is 10mm, fast gaming, little space required).


Good rules are one thing but without miniatures it doesn’t really mean that much. Pendraken offers a number of ranges, also in the fantasy genre. Prepackaged army deals are 30 GBP each and come with everything you need to start your ‘Warband’ experience. Additional units are currently priced at a maximum of 5 GBP which allows even those with a small budget to get in.

Each unit contains 25 all different miniatures (core units, equivalent for larger minis, mounted or special) and a total of 400 per Army pack points translates to 8 units of ‘Hill Dwarves’ (plus their bases, which are equally included in the army packs).

The affordable pricing makes it easy for anyone to pick up a game and get into it. Especially those players complaining about the lack of fantasy gaming after Warhammer Fantasy became Age of Sigmar should start looking at different options and encountering the realities of life take new routes, try new scales and rule sets.


Leon in particular goes the extra mile time and again to make customers come back for more. The guys at Pendraken sell Warband via their website:


I suggest you give it a try, I did and my only regret is the lack of time to gain some more.


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2016 – a retrospect

I have not painted a single stroke since August 25th when I came here. Still planning to although my time is continously reduced but such is life.

Not your usual 2016 review but what a year it was. In 2017 I hope to paint my Critical Mass Games 15mm ZAS and ARC Fleet minis (need some bases), I will get my BattleSystems SciFi 2.0 and Hysterical games Futbowel stuff and hopefully some AvP items as well.

Instead of boring you with how crap this year was how much gaming painting etc I did let’s just hop over to 2017. See you there.

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The German has landed and established a beachhead

Well, almost so to speak. Waiting for my plastic glue to arrive and as soon as it is here I will order Gorilla Superglue.

Me and minis arrived with minimal damage but since we gonna move again ina  few weeks I will straighten out the bent rifles of my Panzerfäuste afterwards. Bit of hiccup settling in but all in all not too bad. Hopefully have more time soon, stay tuned as I am preparing another announcement concerning some developments in the last days of my stay in Edinburgh, calling for help across the community.

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Orc Mortar and AT Team, Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfäuste and finally some Space Crusade

The last two weeks had really great news accompanied with several good painting sessions which saw the finishing of my Orc mortar and anti-tank teams as well as the Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfäuste.

20160723_121222 20160714_195553 20160719_100312 20160719_100323

Having spoken to Rob a couple of times I had to correct my future order correspondingly in order to take advantage of all the current and future releases Hysterical Games are planning until summer 2017.

Furthermore I ordered two large scale miniatures from el Greco miniatures ( which arrived the day after I ordered them, making use of a discount they offered. I got myself miniatures from Draconia, namely the Ice Elf and an Excelsy. Together with my Leona Lobo (Kabuki) and Finari (Reaper) I should be well prepared for the first couple of months in China.

dr-fan38_-_Copy_1024x1024 l_elfo300472_a67439a1-d8d7-4534-a62e-28a62d2d4746_1024x1024

Finally I got around to put some more paint on my Space Crusade minis that Michal sent me some months ago. I have decided to go with a simple black and white scheme and to use 5 WZR Capitol Light Infantry as an infantry squad and to get myself two sets off PG13 Crusaders from Prodos asap. The image below indicates the route I am taking.


Additional workload will be added by getting some of the limited edition metal miniatures from Meridian and, hopefully, getting some more stuff from Victoria Miniatures. My first purchase in China however will be colours (Vallejo Model Colour) and storage racks since I can’t take mine.

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Welcome back

On a positive note I can confirm that I am still alive but the downside of relocating to another country is the tremendous amount of work you have to go through. Even more so you cherish the little time you can spend on your hobby and finally painting some dwarfs for Panzerfäuste.

First of all however, the Orc mortar team gets a mention while Sarge and a sniper protected gnome bakery in the back.

20160707_141840 20160707_141844


Representing the Germans, the dwarfs are another nice set from Hysterical Games and 10 heads strong. The first five can be seen here in their German Wehrmacht camouflage. I can hardly wait until the command set is available and the commander will definitely be a member of the “Order of the Black Hammer”.


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Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs…..and some Dwarfs

More Panzerfäuste arrived today. Despite the desire to finally play, more (academic) work has consumed my weekend and will hold me up for at least another week. So much more fun to see these beauties arrive today, along with another miscast (Boulangerie Gnomaise).

20160425_12550020160425_125452 20160425_125553

These are Dwarf Grenadiers, Orc Support and the Gnome Bakery. Additionally I had some tokens commissioned from Hurlbat Games ( Pleasant people to deal with and gave me a great deal for a total of 75 tokens. Yes, these are a Tankard (Dwarfs), Mushroom(Gnomes) and a Kettle (Orcs) to mark units that have completed their activation along with a set each of “Pinned” and “Prone” (crawling) tokens to mark units accordingly that are suppressed or gone to ground.


They are made in MDF and will also work for my venture into the massbattles of Panzerfäuste. I admit, I am weak. After reading the Beta rules and seeing their potential I am going to commit to more Orcs and Dwarfs (Highlanders!!!!, Home Guard!!!!!, Fallschirmjäger!!!!!). Speaking to Steve and Rob we were joking about future nations and units. Steve assured me I would love the Italian Bersaglieri and did not rule out Dragons and Pandas for Chinese.

Having such madhatters run a company and listening to a madhatter of my magnitude can only end up in a total mockery. But then again a less serious take on gaming and putting fun of experiencing the interaction with a fellow gamer first is what our hobby needs. Add in that Rob’s “miscasts” are better than some other companies’ production items I am also pleased to reiterate that retail sale has begun via their webshop (

If you consider yourself a connoiseur of gaming I encourage you to support Rob and Steve, get some of their minis and enjoy. My friend Steven now has every intention to use these beauties for Bolt Action, a game Rob and Steve did also have in mind when reviving Panzerfäuste.

Finally the German Paratrooper proxies from ERM. I went for a “The Eagle has Landed” look. Very nice (metal) minis and 20mm makes the highly compatible as what they are as well. Maybe not your mainstream stuff and with some deficits but from a small company and affordably priced (2.50 GBP for a set of 4 soldiers/ a weapon team – no bases included).

German Paras

Now on to more academic work. Normal painting and gaming will be resumed shortly.

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More Panzerfäuste – again

Just a quick update on my Panzerfäuste. Tomorrow, if things go according to plans, Dwarf Grenadiers and the Orc Support will be posted. In the meantime I painted some 20mm Platoon 20 Minis from East Riding Miniatures (ERM) I had at home for a couple of years.

20160420_212912 20160420_212920

There are now Gnome Legion Etrangere and Resistance as well as Commando Naval. I immediately ordered some more items from ERM which arrived a day after despatch. Welcome the German Dwarf Paratroopers (Wip). The Rocket Launcher/AT Gun is actually a modern US TOW team with some filing done on their helmets.

Also new some custom tokens I had done and will use in my game over the weekend. If you join the Panzerfäuste Facebook group, you will be able to download the scenario and my own personal Quickstart Rules ( .

Pictures and Battle Report next time.

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