Neo Iskandrian Blister Release Part 1

Review of Neo Iskandrian Blister Release Part 1

Seldom I have anticipated a release more than the Neo Iskandrians. Most of you know the hiccups the Mammoths have gone through and the transfer from printed Master to production mould is difficult for every company. Now they are here and the lessons learned will be a great for future releases.

But without further ado my review on the first Blister release namely the

Companion Sergeant
Companion with Xyston (2)
Companion with Entropic Wave
Companion Marksman

All came with their cards and per Mini I received a code for Imperial credits. For Imperial Credits see .

Initial view: Clear and crisp castings without visible flaws. All figures seem to be complete. Pictures:


Detailled review:

Design:  The design follow the previous Neo Isk release but contains no repeated poses. This means you get individual looks that discern themselves from your Neo Isk Starter team. Particularly the Sergeant’s pose is fantastic and you will want to include him just for looking good.

Both Marksman poses are aiming and shooting. Maybe John can be persuaded to have a third one that is just patrolling like in the Stat Card? I am sure that would look awesome as well.

The Xyston guys are really dynamic and wow. One of them comes in 3 rather that 2 parts (body, arms, weapon) – one of the issues during the casting process and this one had to be cut in 3.

Finally the Entropic Wave guy. Well let’s say he is a flamer, but his weapon looks a bit tiny on him. Do not underestimate him though. Flamers can be very, very nasty indeed. The weapon itself looks very very nice indeed

Just to have room for future improvements in John’s designs I would rate them 8.5/10.

Casting quality: Superb! I have investigated and found no flaws at all. New moulds and superior QC do the rest. Also there is little filing to do and flash is minimal. Considering the size of the models you will be rather surprised about that. You are getting crisp detail, little flash and, if they follow the usual quality should not even need cleaning before painting. What else can I say; even if supercritical mode is employed and “total UW nerd” mode is switched off I cannot find anything wrong about the minis. Get your own and contradict me fellows – assuming acceptable maturity and skill of the buyer. I call myself mediocre and find no problems. 10/10 (as usual)

Building and painting: As with the previous Neo Isks and for all of UM Minis in general you will have no issues about painting. Maximum one wash with soapy water (heck I do not even need to brush them) and a quick dip into Isopropanol will get those minis ready for your brush. Building wise there is little you have to do. Nowadays I pin all my models where possible and also make use of magnets. To be fair the only model I ever had some more work to do was my recent Dragonblade CLAU that needed some gap filling. Any other model, including two CLAUs that needed some stabilizing were easy peasy for me. 9/10 but feels like 10/10.

The Neo Iskandrian Release has suffered significant delay but the quality really makes up for that. The only two issues that remain are impending changes (UM still modernises the whole appearance and feel of the website, including new technologies like the 360° views) that will take time and effort to sort the hiccups out. Secondly the Neo Iskandrians are definitely not the Uberarmy of the month autowin no brainer some people may have expected. They fit in very well by being totally different from the usual playing style. I highly recommend not to start your UM experience with them but rather get Viridians or Syntha first. Neo Iskandrians also force us Vets to think over our usual tactics so do not feel frustrated when loosing with the Isks.

As I have said they are neither gunners nor brawlers but they can do both in their own yard. The trick is forcing your playing style on the opponent and then Neo Iskandrians are tough opponents.

I hope you enjoyed this small review there will soon be more. You are also encouraged to follow my blog ( for more gaming news, rants and opinions from sebigboss79.



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