Review of Defiance Games German Panzergrenadiers


Initial inspection

The Minis come in a nice Cardboard package with parts separated and packed in small plastic pouches. At first glance everything is present and in good condition.  The separate bags is a good thing so you can quickly scan and sort your parts for assembly. The only downside I can see is the box being quite large. Material (and cost) could be saved here.


A closer look

The first touch shows the figures to be very slippery. A result of being a little generous with the mold release perhaps? So a soapy bath is mandatory for the Germans but then again, you do that anyways, don’t you?

A big plus are the bases. The texture is very light but still stronger than “the obvious”. I vote for separate sale of bases In 25, 30, 40,50 and large oval/120mm.

A big disappointment was the special weapons. Apparently I got a really bad cast there and one of the bazookas was more like a boomerang. The rest of the casting (besides one carbine) is good though so overall nothing to raise the blood pressure.

Let me take a quick excursion here. Besides some defects the quality is more than acceptable. The few holes are due to the casting process and easily puttied. You (I mean gamers and fanboys of “the obvious”) accept much worse in failcast so why should it be an issue? I spoke to Tony (3 hours on FB to be precise) and not only did he assure me to get me some good casts for the weapons but also told me they are constantly working on improving the casting and related processes. So if Defiance Games is committed to that and “the obvious” still refuses basic QC in their resin range it should be clear which company to fund.

BTT: The casting itself is quite clear and any moldlines can be easily filed. I washed the figures once and the paint stuck good already. If the issue with the mold release can be fixed I would not know what to complain about.

Besides mediocre craftsman skills I would argue my Kraut’s to be quite well done and ready for painting. I pinned the arms and the material is really easy to work with. If you are better than me with the drill you could even magnetize the guys.


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