My first Scratchbuilt

Without much ado, merely highlighting my mediocre craftsman skills I post pics of my very first scratchbuilt. Made from Foamboard the Panther IFV (for Defiance Games Germans). Will certainly abuse it for Urban War as well. One can never have enough armour.

The Panther was introduced as a heavy armored support vehicle while keeping maintenance straightforward and simple. Armor panels are easily
exchanged and the unmanned weapon station can be swapped in as little as 30minutes with minimum equipment. The Panther is a 6×6 wheeled vehicle.
While the wheels lower maintenance they can also easily adapt to different ground via automatic air pressure control. Further the wheels
are almost indifferent to “normal” weaponry and unless blown of the axle the IFV is hard to immobilise.

The modular unmanned weaponstation on top usually carries a 35mm Cannon that is able to fire a variety of ammunition. Normal loadout is 100
rounds APSDS (Armor Piercing Solid Discarding Sabot) 100 API (Armor Piercing Incendiary) and 200 HEAB (High Explosive Air Burst). With a
firing rate of almost 300 rounds per minute the main gun is capable to engage anything from Infantry to enemy Armour, light buildings and
airborne threats.

There are other weapon options such as a 105mm rifled AT Gun or mortar options and finally the newly integrated “Fist” Rocket (3 Ready, 5
manually reloadable). Of course the tank also has several options for Hard- and Softkill Systems to enhance survivability on the battlefield.
The coaxial weapon of choice in any case is the 7.62mm HMG 23 for which usually 3,000 rounds are carried. The armor is made of a top secret
metal/ceramic alloy and can withstand sustained 30mm APDFS fire from 1,000+ metres. On road the Panther can achieve incredible 100 mp/h with
crews joking the kitten has not yet woken up, indicating they can go faster if need be. With a highpowered modular engine that can be changed
in the field in as little as 15 minutes the Panther is not only fast but also the most maneuverable IFV currently in use.

Complement of the Panther is a driver, a commander and a weapon system operator plus a fully equipped Panzergrenadier squad with all weapons.
Besides more modern and more capable weapon systems the Panther will continue to serve the German forces in the field for many years to come.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Panther:…adiers?sort=3&page=1

Next step is to acquire a turret that looks like an autogun. Bitspudlo seems a good choice……

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