A matter of perspective

As previously stated I am finalising my own tabletop magazine. Currently I am awaiting a parcel from Greece with Plasmablast Games Minis (www.plasmablastgames.com) in it. Marios has been kind enough to give me two large armies and allow me a world wide exclusive look at the new Marhaf Legion. I am literally the first person to receive the actual minis and I can hardly await it.

I will paint them and then test the Strike Legions ruleset from Legionnaire Games (www.legionnairegames.com) which Karl Johnson has given me a free copy in return for a detailled review.

Yet another shout out for Forrest Harris from Knuckleduster Miniatures (www.knuckleduster.com) for a really great mini of John Wayne. “The Duke” will be propainted by “G” as I would not be able to do him justice. Also that parcel is on its way to me.

These three individuals are just a few names connected with the preparations for my magazine and I am very humbled by their assistance (interviews, free minis, rules, help etc. etc.). It makes me wonder why some companies are very supportive, others a bit less and then again others do not even bother to reply? Strangely it is the smaller companies that do not have the time and the money that are trying to help.

So where are we at? There WILL be a magazine and it will be there soon! I am even inclined to release the first issue (or issues) for free because I truly believe you will like reading it. So for all of you fast enough to grab it while I am NOT a publisher just yet will be able to get some freebies (while I do hope you will support the venture as well). Eventually all free issues will be compiled without the news section and uploaded to the storefront as a compilation.

Which brings me to the last point of how exactly you can support me. First of all of course by reading the magazine and giving feedback. Secondly there is always the option to chip in some money so I can buy yet more games and miniatures, travel to shows and generally look around for interesting stuff to report on. Thirdly, you can become a part of this yourself. Not only by wishlisting what I should be writing about but how about writing for the magazine yourself? There are always BatReps and Painting Diaries to be done and I am sure you all have something to add to this idea and together we can make this magazine better and better.

I am very excited at the future and currently working all day, every day on making it come true.

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