Utterly impressive

The response to my initial issue of TT Gaming has been absolutely overwhelmingly positive, thanks for that.

Besides a fully homegrown work with all pertaining deficiencies I seem to have reached my goal. This also puts positive pressure on me to keep up the good work. As a result of the news spreading I have been received very welcoming by manufacturers leading to more and more cooperations and exchanges of ideas and thus creating content.

What will be essential is a clear path and an even clearer description of the actual content of each issue. With over 1,000 hits since release I owe it to all of you to give you a great magazine where you can decide whether you buy or not by looking at the content summary. I am very honoured to receive such attention and feedback and I am encouraged to keep improving so everyone reading the magazine feels they have been provided with entertainment.

It will be impossible to cover everybodys interest all of the time but there simply are limitations in time and space what can be done. If not in this issue, then maybe in the next? I would be happy if you keep coming back and reading the coming issues.

If you have not yet downloaded Issue 0 for free you can do so on the right hand side via my BoxSync widget of following this link: http://www.wargamevault.com/product/127660/TT-Gaming–The-Hobbymagazine–issue-0

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