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As promised the news are now a separate item and can be found here–The-Hobbynews-01-06-2014


Enjoy your newsfix.

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3 Responses to Newsletter online

  1. I thought the plan was to post news items on this blog. Was I mistaken, or did you change your mind?

    • Hi Russell

      the original plan of publishing news items here on the blog still stands. However the news I collected during the last few days were more like the newssection I had on the magazine. Too big to manage in a post (don’t mention editting) so I created the newsletter. It is a free download on my wargamevault shop.

      The blog will receive interesting newsitems with a comment of mine as planned before. It is more the newsletter that is likely to be quite irregular maybe once a month to supplement the magazine. The problem with the magazine and finally getting a printversion is that the news will be a week or two old when the magazine hits the street. That is not as customer freindly as I woul like it as a customer so I split the magazine into newsletter and magazine.

      If there are a lot of news, usually at the end of a month, it might be better to collect all that and release it in a pdf rather than try and fit a square peg into a round hole. But as always I am happy to listen to what my readers have to say.

      Kind Regards

      • Thanks, Roland. That all makes sense. Generally, I’d rather get news via the blog, since it’s more timely, so I’m pleased to hear that you’ll still be posting news here.

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