My first game coming soon

A new game coming, this time from yours truly.

The game consists of counters to re-enact the battle of the German East Asia Squadron at Falkland. I am also working on including more ships from British and maybe even IJN forces for a “what if” part.

In addition to that I am writing a brief history of the Squadron from leaving Tsingtao, gathering at Pagan Island, the victory at Coronel and the order to retreat at Port Stanley while the British ships were coaling and thus not ready for battle.

The what if and scenario part starts with von Spee ordering to engage HMS Kent instead of ordering retreat. With HMS Kent potentially blocking the harbour exit the remaining British ships are sitting ducks or turning heels the Germans have the breathing space needed to escape their destruction. Other scenarios include von Spee returning to the Pacific as well as raising havoc across the Carribean after resupplying in Argentina.

The idea for such a game was started by a gentleman you have already encountered in my magazine and on the blog: Russell Phillips.

Russell and me will be working on a more detailled acocunt of these events. The game will be a separate item as a full colour print and play although a black and white printed version is quite likely at least for the basic set so you have a printed rulebook.

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