Nonsense and outrages

Apologies for an off-topic post but recent events have now led me to leave a detailled comment about the German team winning the world cup.

At the welcoming party, some of our players apparently “mocked” the loosing side leading to public outcry how “the nazis feel superior to anyone”, and I would like to leave a few comments, particularly about the match, fairness, manners and fascism.

First of all the Germans won, Argentina lost, DEAL WITH IT! If you are getting outraged about that then maybe you are not mature enough to leave the craddle?

Secondly I want to address the outcry why the German goalkeeper was not sent off when he “brutally attacked” Aguerro. My friends, the goalkeeper made a save, nothing else. He played the ball as clearly visible to anyone without Argentinian passport. If your eyes are giving you trouble check youtube, there is plenty of videos. IF by a remote chance the ref would send a goalkeeper off for making a save then it still would not have happened because the same ref with the same idea about giving cards would have sent Aguero off  long before that scene. Anyways how about Aguero clearly realising he cannot reach the ball and still running into Manuel Neuer? Yes you can arue he did not see him as he was just going after the ball – the same then goes for Neuer so again: We won, DEAL WITH IT!

Personally I think at least 3 of the Argentinian players (Aguero, Garay and Mascherano) should have been sent off. This was supposed to be a football match, not Icehockey or Rugby!

The second issue was the fairplay and manners. If you complain about the Germans mocking the Argentinians then let me ask how many of the “Knigge-Argentinians” shook hands with the winner? As the TV did not give me anyone (0) I have officially asked the German football association (DFB) how many and who exactly gave their congratulations.

I assume the figure of 0 will not change because the world clearly sees the manners of people that walk up to the emporium with hatred in their eyes, not shaking hands with the fans and taking off their medals already on the way down. The issue of not even congratulating or staying to cheer the winner makes you lousy loosers, nothing else!

The most upsetting thing for me were the plethora of comments about “nazis” targetted not only at the German players but against the Germans as such. Yes, we had nazism but we evolved to a democracy that is open to the world and welcomes anyone that behaves appropriately. So where did all the nazis go after the war? Where did they find Eichmann? I rest my case.

In my opinion the Argentinians deserve to loose alone for comments and a behavior like they displayed. If they had played football instead of Rugby they would have easily won, but alas;

Germany 1

Argentina 0

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