Gaming Mats

Another announcement concerning our cooperation with Black Jack Miniatures:

After expanding into 15mm terrain we are now doing Gaming Mats. Currently two space themed mats and one Cityfight mat are available and we are gearing up for our first order of stock.

More mats are in the process of being finalised and we will order our test samples soon. We are using German based printers with years of experience to ensure speed, quality and reliability.

These mats are made of non-flamable 510g Vinyl with Anti-Slip backing which you can roll up, put in their storage box and enjoy playing with for many many years.

To keep our mats affordable for you we are looking at the best way of integrating a shop facility. In the meantime feel free to send any messages or questions via the contact from below and we will do our best in getting back to you as fast as we can.

In addition to Black Jack Miniatures I am also in touch with other artists to get even more mat designs!



What are these mats made of?

They are made of 510g  Vinyl with Anti-Slip backing.


Don’t they curl up?

Only if you don’t follow our care instructions. Also visit our store and blog frequently. We will post videos of our mats “in action” so you can see for yourself.


How about other materials?

We are working on other options as well. Gamers are different and some want even heavier Vinyl, others the 440g one and we were even asked if we can print on paper! For all the fans of paper: We are working on a combination of clear acrylic and paper so you can protect the paper from spills. More about this asap.


What designs are available?

Black Jack Miniatures keeps working on new designs and those in the Gaming Mat section are split in three sections: Ready for order (design has been tested) and Ready for test (we want to order a sample mat to make sure). Custom designs? Ask us.


How about other sizes?

In short: Smaller is always possible, for bigger simply ask us. Also if you have a certain design you want to have get in touch and we will do our best to help you. A single printrun for one 4×4 can be as cheap as 40 GBP plus postage. As with designs: Get in touch.


How much are they?

Ah the best part imho. We are looking at getting you the best price so negotiations with our printers are ongoing but we are currently looking at 22 GBP the most for a 3×3 gaming mat (actually more like 19/20 GBP). 4x4s will not be much more expensive. 6x4s should be around 42 GBP.


Where can I get them?

We have taken our Local Game Store aboard and will also sell them directly. Other gaming stores and clubs have been asking for our mats as well. We are in the final stages of the process and will find the best way to get your mats to you.


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