Basius 2 Kickstarter – Preview of Bases

Many of you may have seen Dave’s Kickstarter for new, even larger Basius, base stamps.

Dave from Wargamesbakery has been kind enough to release the very first Basius 2 (Imperial design) into my hands and I have stamped a few bases.

The Basius handles a bit different from the Happy Seppuku rubber stamps so please bare with my skills. The Basius is made from resin and works fantastic. I used White Milliput superfine for the bases below.

There is still time to support the Kickstarter so grab yourself some of the bases and make your own scenic bases on the cheap!

Kickstarter here:

More info on Dave and Wargames Bakery here:


20141011_103952 20141019_162309

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