Red Erg Desert Raiders

The official Urban War Ubernerd returns, this time with another Junker Strike Team.

This one is based on Micro Art Studio bases and when my listbuilding ran into some difficulty the boss at Myriad Miniatures, John Robertson, came to my rescue with a free Junker Dune Raider Decurion.

First of all I would like to express my thanks and gratitude at both John and the team of Micro Art Studio, without their help this project would have been much less interesting.

The Red Erg Desert Raiders are a crack outfit. They rely on close assault backed up by a few heavy weapons. Life is cheap in the Legion and the body count – on both sides – is rising tremendously when the Red Erg Desert Raiders enter the battlefield.

Their Decurion, Marcus Maxentius, is notorious for riding into the thickest of battle with his Dune Raider sewing destruction with his shotguns blazing and his Signum bearing not only the Legion insignia but also the heads of their foes. But without further ado, have a look at the pictures.


20141016_182853 20141016_182856 20141016_182905

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