Problems and solutions

Sadly it has come to my attention that tmp (the miniatures page) has published information which they were not authorized to do. I have asked the editor to remove these and after a number of stalling emails I have finally had enough.

Initially you might be thinking it is a total overreaction but I believe my reasons for not wanting to be associated in any form with tmp and its editor becomes clear when you read on.

I have been a member on tmp as well as many other similar websites. Now when it is OK and encouraged to give warnings to members when in an argument they present evidence that the other party is wrong then this is not my kind of community. In my kind of community opinions different from the editor’s one are tolerated. You may not like it but arguing freedom of speech while enacting different is questionable conduct in my eyes. It goes without saying that it is also unprofessional.

I am a grown up and as such I do not really care what behaviour other people seem acceptable as I cannot be forced to condone or endure theirs. When it comes to my business interest however I do not wish to be seen in the negative light certain actions on tmp and also by its editor seem to shade on tmp members.

It has, for example taken, days to sort out a thread in which the Holocaust was denied. That is unacceptable and I speak as a German!

When you are setting behavioural standards it is up to yourself to set the example and enact them. Apparently this is not the case on tmp where the editor can post personal information including email addresses of members despite his own privacy policy and the governing law. The excuse brought forward sounds very pathetic to me and blatantly spoken, assuming the person in question HAD actually committed the offense the editor accused him of, two wrongs do not make a right.

But no such proof has been brought forward. Moreover it was stated that the IP cannot be traced, yet it was taken as solid evidence that X led to Y because Z. Constructing causality while initially denying even a relationship? Sorry for my statistical disgression, I shall correlate again.

The second incident became apparent when a trader I have done business with (AngelBarracks) was target of a personal witchhunt. The reason for Angelbarracks receiving this negative flow apparently was that its owner “did not speak up against members of ANOTHER community when harassing one of tmp’s editors”. I cannot follow the logic that you condone nonsense when not actively waging nuclear war against it. The owner of AngelBarracks did NOT get involved because that would be unprofessional. On other occasion he has instead defended tmp and their editors :

To construct such a witch-hunt out of this is totally beyond me. Unprofessional is yet a very mild comment. You will of course observe the hypocrisy in demanding certain actions from others while not living up to the standards you have set yourself.

Another issue has been that the editor associated members of the community in question with “filth”. Just for the record is this editor a member of said community MUCH longer than AngelBarracks. According to his own logic what does that make the editor of tmp?

It is this behaviour combined with my previous negative experience with the tmp community that made me ask the editor to have any reference to me and my business removed from his website. I made it perfectly clear in the very first email that I do not want to be associated with tmp.

Now after three email one liners, the latest being “Why?” I do not see any amicable solution in this matter. Therefore I wish to make clear :


Using our product pictures without permission is another subject reflecting on behaviour unsuitable for doing business with me.

I am sure there is a lot of good people on tmp but the general atmosphere is not what I wish to be seen as. In lack of compliance it is therefore that I have to make this announcement and update the description of my products to clearly state above. I have retained hardcopy evidence of these events and uploaded them to the “MyBox” widget on the right hand side of the blog. Feel free to review the pdfs and make up your own mind about these events.


Kind Regards

Roland – TT Gaming



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10 Responses to Problems and solutions

  1. I stopped advertising and posting on TMP some time ago. It sounds like my reasons were similar to yours. I’m happy to say that The Wargames Website seems to be a good alternative:

  2. Andrew Burton says:

    Roland, Russell’s advice is spot on. The Wargames Website is definitely a great alternative. Hopefully it will continue to grow as the sort of wargaming resource that can be so useful, a hub for polite knowledge exchange. As for TMP, I stopped regularly reading posts, and publicly decided to no longer post, several months back. There’s little enough time to spend on my hobbies as it is, a few good blogs ;-), and TWW are sufficient for me!

  3. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to resolve your problem. I still don’t understand what personal information you wanted removed. I asked you to show me where the problem was, but you declined.

    • Dear Bill

      this statement is incorrect. Please observe the very first email I sent to you. You can find it in the “MyBox” widget on the right hand side of this blog. I think it is pretty clear that all personal and business information was requested to be removed. Moreover I did provide you with links in a personal message I sent through the system of your website.

      If there is any problem to understand this request I am unfortunately not able to clarify these. From the whole affair I am more getting the impression you have chosen to ignore and stall the issue. That is of course your right and I have the right to act accordingly.

  4. Kerri McDonnel says:

    Bill I refuse to accept that you are an idiot. You posted personal info on someone whom you silenced and then called filth. We know it. You know it. be a responsible adult for a change. Accept that you have become gripped by a siege mentality and see enemies in every shadow.

    But don’t bring your strawman loving, question begging attitude here. Go back to where you may excommunicate those who don’t kowtow to you and your ways.


  5. Jeff says:

    He’s not an idiot. He’s a troll.

    His website is a cesspool because he encourages the conflict and seeks it out. He posts intentionally inflammatory posts, then pretends confusion when called out on it. There are multiple venues for good information, more current and timely hobby news, and better community sans the biased, inconsistent, and bizarre moderation employed at TMP.

  6. Now now, please keep it sporty people.

    I think the deficits are quite apparent and we can all make the smart decision to stay clear of it. The matter that has instigated these events and in last consequece above post could have been resolved differently.

    Straightforward some people will -for whatever reason- think they can do to ohers whatever they want and pretend ignorance. Does not work with me and the evidence is there for everyone to check. Draw your own conclusions from it.

    My personal opinion about tmp and its editor is nowhere in this post and actually irrelevant. Here it is solely the business conduct I am not in agreement with. My personal sentiments would never get in the way of business.

    As others put it quite vocally the conduct on tmp is “bizarre” and therefore not my style. Some people have problem with my straightforward German style but you will always know where you are at with me.

    Other than that, enjoy your gaming

    • Andrew Burton says:

      Well put Roland. I like your approach to this matter, as you say it is about your business, not your personal opinions. Not so much your straightforward German style, but more that you actually consider issues in a logical business manner, and leave personal emotions out of it, something that is the hallmark of many a successful businessman anywhere in the world.

      Enjoy your gaming too 🙂


      • This was not aimed at you. The comments seemed to get a bit more emotional and I do not think Bill or the matter deserve that anyone ruins their health over it.

        For me, the matter is solved now whether the information is removed or not. If this incident serves as the warning shot that was needed, all well. If not, then I would not hesitate to take this matter further. I just warn against ignoring this advice.

  7. Kerri McDonnel says:

    Very Good. Will keep it civil. Its just that trolling Bill is an irritant.

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