Kickstarter: Ghost Hunter by Kedric Winks

Being one of my friends I followed Kedric’s venturing into game designing with great interest. His label “Fancy Squid Games” is represented on gamecrafter ( with quite a few games already.

Gamecrafter works much like a print-on-demand for board and card games but outside hardcore gamer circles who know about this site? Unfortunately the masses are yet to infiltrate this and similar sites. So how does a new game designer get people interested in his products? The solution for Kedric was simple: Kickstarter.

Kickstarter allows content to be seen by many more and a lot of projects come to life because people pledge just surfing by. Moreover Kickstarter is now somewhat established in gaming circles and a lot of great stuff has been made with the help of Kickstarter backers.

Kedric selected a simple game for his first Kickstarter and while the game looks like an easy card game there is a lot of strategy in it. Furthermore the game can easily be expanded with Kedric just waiting to do so.

To celebrate the launch of his Kickstarter and the fact it was funded within a week I did a small interview with him which you can read below.


[Roland]          Hi Kedric, could you introduce yourself and Fancy Squid Games?

[Kedric]           Hi my name is Kedric Winks and I am what you might call a serious hobby game designer. That is to say I have a day job, I love my day job, but I love my hobby designing games just as much.

I have set up Fancy Squid Games (FSG) as a logo or persona that I like to create my games under. It just seems easier to remember than Kedric Winks. It is just me but one day I hope to grow it to include other indie games designers. When you get a Fancy Squid game you know you’re getting something fresh that won’t take an age to learn. The Squid himself actually comes from a tattoo that I have.


[Roland]          What are your goals with Fancy Squid Games?

[Kedric]          Well at the moment the Squid is my artistic outlet. It is a place for me to focus some excess creativity and try to forge a solid reputation for me as a games designer. In the future I could see it becoming more than that. Potentially a professional undertaking and as I said earlier it could include more gamers than just myself.


[Roland]          How did you develop Ghost Hunter?

[Kedric]          Ghost Hunter actually developed out of a desire to get into Kickstarter. I knew I wanted to try it but thought that all of the other titles I’d written up until now were probably too complicated for one guy to manage effectively. So the simplest thing I could think to produce was a card only stand-alone game.

From this I decided to take elements of one of favourite card games, Palace, and turn it into a more themed, ghostly, and more nuanced, special rules and scoring, game. After a while the rule set for Ghost Hunter was born. What then followed was a pretty deep study of Ghosts in European folklore to hunt out my particular Ghosts and make sure that they ended up on the cards that suited them the most.


[Roland]          Why Kickstarter?

[Kedric]          I am a massive fan of KS. I got into it over a year ago and I’ve seen so many great projects come to life on KS. For me it is a way to get Ghost Hunter made without putting myself into debt or having to take a deck of cards in to my bank manager.


[Roland]          What other games can we expect in the next months and years?

[Kedric]          Well specifically in the range of Ghost Hunter I will be releasing a series of follow up decks. These won’t be Ghosts but other supernatural themes. The first will be Vampire Hunter, then maybe Witch Hunter and then who knows? The idea is that each is a stand-alone game, yet they can be shuffled together and combined in new ways to create a game using the same core rules but with very different dynamics!

Outside of the Ghost Hunter range I have some really varied titles going on. has just released my print and play Zombie Co-op game LocaliZED and you can download that for free if you like. I currently have completed and am optioning for licencing a stealth thieving game, a sci-fi racing game, a fantastical card and dice battle game and of course the obligatory Cthulhu game. To see more about these titles check out

I have already backed the KS which runs until end of the month. Why not hop over and have a look?

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