Special Deliveries

Just received two deliveries but first of all apologies for the recent radio silence. I have been quite busy with two things. First of all my studies. This morning I submitted my assignments and I am a free man for the day. The second task was a bit more complicated.

I signed up as a retailer for a number of manufacturers. The process is still ongoing and in respect to my LGS I will not carry any stock they have for sale. I have been treated very kindly by them and I rather complement them than turn my back on them after all they did for me. But now on to the matters at hand.

Delivery one contains my pledge for Julian Hicks’ Tabletop Towns Kickstarter for the Hab Cubes. As always exceptional quality and well packaged. Here are the teaser pics, review in a couple of days.

20141201_153208 20141201_153025 20141201_153044


Delivery number two was from Prodos, thanks to Rob Alderman and Agata Mazurek. The new Bauhaus Starter set with the Venusian Marshall/Kapitan instead of Angelika Drachen. Add in my Steiner as a Lord and we are talking. Here are a few teaser pics. More news on this later.

20141201_160200 20141201_154439 20141201_160137 20141201_160148



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