Tabletop Towns Hab Cubes – A review

As promised my review of Tabletop Towns’ Kickstarter for Hab Cubes. Barely finished the funding period I already have my Hab Cubes. Delivery date said December and December 1st, voila my pledge arrived.

I went for the second tier with 16 cubes, some extensions and girders, the latter remained a mistery so far and I will have to check Julian’s video how to properly use them. The Hab Cubes, the optional outside walls (to change designs) and the extension pieces (the pointy bits) need no instructions and were assembled in no time. See below what the smallest pledge (8 Cubes) looks like on my 4×3 Martian Gaming mat.


20141203_141309 20141203_141319


Welcome to a small Martian outpost of he Capitol Corporation. With the second set it will be even larger and have more options. As shown in one of Julian’s videos evena  2kg sugar bag rests well on the similar Castle model.

The Hab Cubes are simply spoken an extension of the previous KS for Containers and follow the principle of all KS that Tabletop Towns initiated. Simple assembly, high quality and speedy delivery.

Speaking of quality the designs are very fitting for the SciFi setting and Julian only works with printers he knows to deliver what is promised. There are certainly no compromises on quality and looking at what you get the 34 GBP I invested in this KS was money well spent. The Hab Cubes will last me like forever, fill a lot of my 4×3 and look just great.

See my previous comments about Julian and Tabletop Towns. It is very easy to fill a table with these offerings and if you halfway care about your goods, they will last equally long as Resin or MDF terrain for a smaller expenditure. The biggest advantage of Julian’s terrain though is the fact that it folds flat after use and you save room in storage.

20141203_141800 Ready for being packed away.

There is a lot more to see on Tabletop Towns homepage                                                              ( and why not give it a go and have some for Christmas? You surely will be another happy customer and order again.

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