Season’s Greetings and more ranting…

`Tis that time of the year again, time to sit back, relax, have a hot drink and some gingerbreads (if you are German) and a time to reflect upon the year past. For me it is indeed the best time of the year. For others it is a time of lesser joy. I am not talking about “poor children in Africa” but about the situation in our very Western Europe.

People that know me are aware how adamant and vocal I am for a fairer society and how we all should do our part to make this happen. I am talking about a situation that is very real and just as an initial example we have 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line. Using the 2011 census data this means 20 % of the population and I do not find this acceptable in our time and place on this planet!

The rise of Food Banks has been across all media but instead of addressing the situation the people having to use a Food Bank are being humiliated and literally spat upon by those that are not only responsible but guilty to have caused this misery.

Most of you will be lucky enough not to be reliant on Food Bank emergency food. But some of our fellow gamers are apparently not tempered with reality to the right extent. While feasting over Christmas goodies the keyboard hero generation is adamant and vocal about what they feel entitled to. One example being the embarrassing treatment the ladies and gentleman from Prodos Games have to endure these days due to a delay in a major release.

I have time and again posted about delays and my experience as a Project Manager but this lot (apologies I lack a better word) cannot be appeased, cannot see the reality and keep demanding and demanding. These two situations are really doing my head in.

While reflecting upon the last year I keep shaking my head about these kinds of things, a mere display of what is wrong in society these days. I feel privileged how the last year went, I am thankful and indeed humbled and also very joyful about the last 12 months.

I think of the great people I have met running my blog and the magazine. I feel honoured that I was accepted into a great university and into a really great course of study. I am thankful to my supervisor who accepted me, plead for me and is working with me to make my studies successful.

I am thankful to the people who gave me the chance to start my magazine and actually do something meaningful that I enjoy. There is Rob, Mark, Jim, Agata and Jarek (and many more) from Prodos giving me a great game and time. Paul from EastStreetGames who introduced his game Valhalla to me at Carronade, John Robertson from Myriad Miniatures who I know since 2008.

There is Nicolai from Denmark who organised for me to join his Kickstarter after it was finished, Kedric whose Kickstarter I also backed and of course Julian whom I have been talking to about gaming and Kickstarter on so many occasions. Andrea from Ares games who sent me a huge Wings of Glory parcel, the guys at Army Painter letting me review their latest colour primer and Dave from Wargamesbakery who sent me the very first of his new Basius2 base stamps.

There is Happy Seppukku with more base stamps and many, many more people that I have met and talked to this year. People that are doing what they do because they enjoy it. Looking back at all this I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year but also that you do not forget there is another world outside there.

I will be posting some more for this year but mostly gaming related, battlereports and the like. I will also head down to the local Food Bank and see if I can help some. It may not be much but for some people it will be meaningful i hope.  The little we all can possibly do, together can change the world for some people.

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