CTA 2 Playtesting

The lists have been published on the Myriad Miniatures Forum (http://www.myriadminiatures-forums.com) and I took the opportunity to add a fifth Viridian Strike Team to my collection. All minis you see here will be used as the 6s2hit demo stuff when I am fulfilling my Legionary honours.

We kicked off with manoevering because no one, and I mean no one was able to draw LOS. Well done me with the terrain. So round 1 was all about positioning. At least the Viridians were lining up to get a good field of fire on the ONI and Sumatori. The picture below is before the CLAUs moved.


Round 2 kicked off with more manoevering and the first shots being exchanged – no casualties as either riflemen were a bit too nervous and it was up to the CLAUs to do some real damage. While the red Dragonblade broke cover New CLAU A for the Viridians broke out and tried to score an early point but only managed to score a single wound although it was a critical one reducing HA to +2. The Pacifier retaliated and took 3 wounds from the culprit.


The highlight was the Tomahawk scattering his template just enough so the whole flank including CLAU and Leader were under it and while them two were not wounded the remainder (Kabuki and 2 Retainers) were blasted into oblivion.


Round 3, the first where the Viridians took the initiative, saw some more missed shots and failures to wound. The ONI lost his first wound to the HGR Marine but that was it. It was again up to the CLAUs to do the work and the blue Dragonblade broke forward still in cover, CLAU A was obliterated by the Pacifier and the Tomahawk centred his template on the blue Dragonblade causing a wound but no critical. Round 4 was going to be bloody with the Sumo and ONI in charge distance the Viridians decided to go ready themselves for the impact.

First the Sumatori charged a Marine but no hits were scored. The other Marines on that flank joined in after the Sniper had killed both Retainers but they as well failed to shake up the Sumo. The Oni charged the other flank and agon no hits, no wounds. The blue Dragonblade then broke into the Viridians who failed to hit on Overwatch and killed a Marine. The Sergant charged the Oni and the remaining Marine also saw more chanes of survival there. The Tomahawk laid his template again….result one dead Triad boss. It was up to the Pacifier to move forward and the Viridians called in the Command CLAU. The red Dragonblade took the opportunity and a wound from the newcomer but suffered a critical T and S loss as well as a compartment breach and 2 wounds. With one wound left round 5 was going to be a short one. The Triads passed their withdrawal test.

And so it went. The ONI killed two Marines and only the Sergeant survived. On the other flank the missed hits continued on both sides and so it was up to the Command CLAU to make things interesting by disintegrating the Dragonblade although he needed 2 follow ups to wound through the Heavy armour (2)! Witht hat obstacle gone the Pacifier missed ALL his shots and the Triads decided to call it a day.


Lessons learned: Unsupported CLAUs suffer the same problem as any other model that breaks cover but fails to make a kill. They are dead meat. CLAUs need support in a suitable manner to opearet efficiently. CC es still very good, if not deadly, at least to slow down what your opponent does. Charging CLAUs is a bad idea, period and a well placed template can win you the game. More often than not your templates scatter around but that one hit you make can the the decisive one. Especially the indirect fire without LOS can be a real game changer.

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