Free at last – oh wait….

After the second semester of my Master Course you would assume I am a free man. Wrong, my young Padawans. There is still a dissertation and further academic work to do but finally I do have some free time to work on the magazine, the blog and of course paint some of my stuff.

The first project in the works are my Cybertronic and Bauhaus armies for Warzone with two Capitol armies and some other bits and bobs already on the table.


Secondly a major Urban War Viridian detachment has another CLAU and several other minis to get some paint on them. Looking at the first expansion here I came across Hasslefree miniatures and there is some good stuff I can use to make a custom Interdict Commander (female). I just wish I could get the old Veteran HMG sculpt….

Another expansion here could come from Empress miniatures. I have spoken to Paul and he seemed generally interested in a project I suggested. Paul makes a 28mm model of the Stryker IFV and MGS.

The Stryker has received controversial feedback but is de-facto the up and coming IFV of the US armed forces. Looking at more armor I also came across the Taurus from Puppetswar. A fine APC and I contacted them as well.

Next on the Agenda would be to get my Mercs team finally finished and to start my own rulesets. Yes, rulesets. I want to add some very simple rulesets to the gaming world that get people to play and evolve to more detailed rules and I find a lot of that stuff that is made for that purpose just does not feel right for me. Instead of moaning about it I plan to get my rear in gear and do something about it. Hopefully more soon.

A final item on my mind is to get my gaming mats started. I have some good designs ready to go and want to get them out to the world.

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