B(r)auhaus finished, now Frauhaus!

After finishing Steiner, 10 Hussars and the Vulkan I have put Duval, 10 Etoiles and 8 more Hussars on the table. So, Frauhaus, really…

20150414_093453 20150414_093458 20150414_093444

The following UW and WZR models next:

4 Shockmarines, Shockmarine Serg, Mortar and Loader, CLAU, 2 Interdicts, 1 Female Interdict


5 Hatamoto, 5 Crimson Devils

10 (new) Mirrormen, 3 Enhanced Machinators

5 Airborne, Henry Thomas, Blue Shark, Sanders, 10 Heavy Infantry, 5 Free Marines, 5 Banshees, Iron lady

5 Sacred Warriors


Nerd Level: Yedi Master! Freetime? Overrated.

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