April Roundup

We started our WZR League at the 6s2hit store with a 1,000 point Battle between me (Cybertronic) and Steven (Imperial) proxying some of the latest releases. Besides getting Bonnar-ed again we had a great start and a first sign up with Keir (Mishima).

I used most of the time to get organised and also paint some additions to my forces. First of all the Enhanced Machinators for Cybertronic. A very simple paintjob of black priming, Leadbelcher to paint the metal parts and some colours for cables. The eyes are simply VMC Foundation White and when that was dry I put some Army Painter Blue Ink on. Based on my Cracked Earth bases the Machinators did not really do much in my game with Steven andI will try the Atillas next time.



With some time left over I decided to paint Valerie Duvall for my Bauhaus force. Not fully happy with the (face) but she will do for now. She fits into the woodland/jungle cammo theme of the other faction members.

The very next on the agenda are the remaining models for Cybertronic and then Etoiles for Bauhaus. Finishing Bauhaus with some more Hussars and then the large Capitol Airborne list. Meanwhile I have Sacred Warriors, Hatamoto and Crimson Devils to do not to mention my projects for Urban War, MERCS, Dreadball, Warpath etc.

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