Quick Review: WZR-Cybertronic Mega Deck

Came in today, thanks to Rob Alderman​ and Agata Mazurek, and of course I had to open it immediately. The cards are now standard size (think MtG) and have round corners.

The box they come in is really nice and an obvious eye catcher on the shelves. After opening you find 2 stacks of cards with all current Strategy, Gear and Tactical cards for your faction. In addition to that I have 12 Ressource cards packed into the box. 3 copies Gear/Strategy and 5 copies Tactical per individual card.

Printing quality for mine is flawless. When packed into sleeves I will need 2 deckboxes but able to carry everything with me in one go. Alternatively I am considering getting a larger stack box and just transport the deck that is ready for the fight.

The only “issue” is the visible cutting marks on the very edge of the cards which can only be seen when holding the full stack. And before Jarek Ever​ offers a replacement: I do not report “First World Problems”.


This optical effect has no impact on quality or the gameplay so forget about it. All in all I find 20 GBP for the full set of cards absolutely reasonable. If there is room for critique I would have made the boxes slightly larger and put the stacks into a black plastic tray, thus the really nice box is transformed into a carry case and players can show it off to gamers of other games.

Also I would like to apologize for my inactivity. There are a few issues I need to resolve and I vow to work more on the blog after the next issue of the magazine is out and the other issues are resolved.

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