Perfect service from modeldisplayproducts!

Ordered 3 Washes and 3 Scale 75 Colours yesterday between 2pm and 4pm, despatched a little later and 10:30 this morning I received my goods. Can it get any better?

A more detailled review and maybe a few words from the owner as well as a look at my goods later. Still busy with study duties.

Another item catching my attention these days Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. In short just so much that I totally disapprove the nerdrage GW is receiving on this one. Yes, it is different but that does not mean it is crap just because. I think it will draw more (younger) players, infect them with the hobby virus and transfer them more smoothly to 40K. Testgame and buying my very first WD (with the free mini!) as soon as the apocalyptic rain stops.

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