Zandris IV – Home of “The Battlesuit”

The first encounter with Zandris IV was when I was looking for more Space ships roughly in 2009 or 2010. Then they released the “Bouncer” Battlesuit and while not exactly what I wanted I kept Zandris IV on my horizon. The planning and now playtesting of CLAU Team Actions 2.0, an extension to Urban War, I needed suitable stand-ins for the new CLAU types to come.


Luckily there were two new types of suits the Satria and the Pendekar and while the latter was not what I fancied for now, the Satria fits the job description perfectly and I was able to grab one of the very first ones plus one of the last “Bouncer” suites as they are now discontinued. The parcel arrived fast and well packaged with the extra set of weapons I ordered as I had in my mind exactly what CLAU the new Satria was going to represent.


Stamping the appropriate bases for my 5th Viridian Strike team (yes, five) I included the two suits on CTA 50mm bases. The Satria cast itself was clean with minimal filing of mould lines to remove and being made of metal it is definitely value for money. As you can see it stands just a bit short of the older CLAUs I already had.


So if you need some kind of Robot give Zandris IV a visit and check out their products. At the current price the robots are real value for money and the Spaceships also have some candidates you may want to make your own.


I fully assembled the Satria using pinning and primed it black along with the remainder of the Strike Team. During assembly and painting I added two more features namely a full complement of Shock Marines led by a Sergeant and a section of Interdicts led by special character I will introduce in issue 8, displayed with a Hasslefree miniature.


The Strike Team came from a Metropolis Boxset with Colonial Marines Veterans and I used a grey colour scheme on the whole team. I added a Special Forces Sergeant as a CLAU pilot and another Hasslefree mini to pilot the third CLAU. At the moment there is an additional Sniper and a Mortar team, leaving me to find a Veteran HMG Team and maybe another Veteran Marine to complete the team.

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