Free at last

After a long period of inactivity I have gone right back into the hobby frenzy. Finally got myself the Imperial Wolfbanes Starterset and the AvP box. Both are built and undercoated by now and I started painting the Wolfbanes.


The Starterset comes with 10 Commandos, the basic troops, two (Master) Pathfinders as Squad Leaders/ Warlords and a Necromower. All minis are multi part resin models and the casting quality at Prodos is getting better an better – more about this later.


I added Morten Oakenfist as well as a set each of Blood Berets and Grey Ghosts. Theoretically I cannot use these in a Wolfbane army, so if my opponent is a bit too literal on the rules the ladies will become Mourning Wolves and the Berets will pose as Special Forces. For the latter I do not fancy the sculpts that much so I would proxy them anyways.


My Special Forces will depict the “Black Sheep”. centred around RD and CC. I need to look at the “Rites and Howls” to choose.


As you can see there are also Chasseurs and a 10 + Diana troop will come out of that. Plenty of minis to be made and painted, but now for AvP. I know I was sceptical and did not back the Kickstarter and then I came across WZR. The rest is history and of course I took the opportunity to get hold of one of the boxes when they arrived at my FLGS.


Once at home I unpacked and was overwhelmed with the content. First of all the box is really heavy so feels good for the 75 GBP you just spent. Inside, gentlemen, you find the tokens, board tiles, dice, a rulebook and of course the minis. Let’s not dwell on the trolls or assure those of you still waiting for their pledge that the wait IS worth it; pictures say more than words.


Now I have to say this for Prodos: If the Alien Infants do not get together, then you, the gamer has not filed/clipped them accordingly. Being an engineer, Jarek (the Prodos CiC) designed these minis perfectly so everything fits where it belongs (and only there). I built the minis and, sadly, found a small mispack in my box. The Predator with stick has two right arms so I emailed the Prodos lady (Agata) for a replacement. Hopefully my Crusader credit (Capitol MegaDeck) can be sent with it.

Below enjoy the sculpts of Stalkers, Marines and one of the Predators. Missing in action were the Infants. All of these are by now sprayed black and await further treatment soon.

20150920_192923 20150920_164453

In the meantime I took the opportunity to add another mini to my painting table. One of the greatest warriors ever, so he will fit right into the AvP. I speak of the one and only Rambo, John J.


Now the next thing would be the SpecOps team from the original Predator. Yes, they exist and as soon as I get to da choppa, I will get one.

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