Progress made

Slow but steady I suppose. Firstly here are the minis from the AvP boxset primed in black. I finally know how I want to do the bases and the first ones to be treated will be the Aliens. Going for a classic paintjob here, I will use slight brushing of Gunmetal and P3 Armor Wash before using the GOLDEN Carbon Black for some areas. Add in a bit of water effect and gloss varnish I am looking forward to field them in battle.

First order of the day is to brush primer where the spray did not reach and take it from there.


Not sure if I had posted this before but the Mishima Hatamoto and the Brotherhood Sacred Warriors have been finished for a while and already been in battle. 20150811_202251

I went for a blueish paintjob to match the troopers but generally a little darker to depict the more sinister, brutal eliteness. The Mishima on the other hand used a darker red for the same reasons. Also WiP a pack of Crimson Devils.

20150606_213100 20150511_113410

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