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Kickstarter Updates

Happy Seppuku – funded Kraken Mat – funded Now on to Glory for both. Spoke briefly to Tobias from Kraken and he sent me some pictures to tease you. First of all the mats were all designed by hand. See … Continue reading

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Kickstarters for the masses

Two Kickstarters I have come across that might be interesting for you. First is the “Stampede” from Happy Seppuku. You have seen their basestamps on my blog before and now they are massively expanding their range. Check them out on … Continue reading

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Kraken Wargames Gamingmats

Less than 24 hours until Kraken Wargames launch their Kickstarter for gaming mats. We gamers all know the dilemma: Gaming surface. We wants it, we needs it. But where to get them and most of all how to manage when … Continue reading

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TMP (theminiaturespage) – The neverending story

Once more tmp and to be precise user Tango01 has gone above and beyond. Without permission or even asking for such Tango01 has used my pictures to advertise the AoT Kickstarter on tmp. He did not even bother to change … Continue reading

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Viridian Shockmarines

Matching with my 5th Striketeam I have started to paint the Shockmarines. See below a picture of the finished Sergeant. Due to an unpredictable event this morning I am not really in the mood today and doubt it will be … Continue reading

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Age of Tyrants Junkers and Viridians Part I

UPDATE: Since tmp does not even bother to inform me about using my work I would like to clarify that I have yet again complained about this. Full story: See below my original post and pictures. For the Upcoming … Continue reading

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Viridian Jump Section

Not shown these cool troopers yet, I suppose. Viridian Interdict Squad with LTC Katie Sykes. as a commanding officer. Stats to come for CTA2. She is Lt. Thorn from Hasslefree, using their jump pack to closely resemble the Interdicts she … Continue reading

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