Age of Tyrants Junkers and Viridians Part I

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For the Upcoming Kickstarter Age of Tyrants the Overlord John Robertson has sent me two pre-production miniatures for the Viridian and Junker forces. Incidentally also the armies I want to start.

The tanks are manufactured by Prodos Games and come in 6mm scale resin casts. I received flawless castings with the only quibble being the two resin addons for the Viridian tank (sat dish and light). John is already looking into options for this. Personally I have put in the sat dish as a communication symbol but will leave out the light for now.

Viridian 1 Junker 1

Both 1

Other than that I immediately washed them and will assemble and paint them over the next couple of weeks. Basing is another issue and as I have yet to dive into the ruleset I intend to hold my horses a little longer.

EDIT 1: In a quick chat with John he confirmed that bases will be 50mm square plastic and, naturally, included in the set you buy. The small recesses in the turret can accommodate crew figures. There are a few options that John is looking into (ehem metal addons please?) for the recesses and other variants.

Sizewise the tanks seem a little larger than 6mm stuff I have seen before but without infantry of the same scale one cannot really judge. I for once would welcome a rather large take on 6mm but that is me. See below a comparison shot with a 28mm, Shock Marine from Urban War with 40mm base.

20151017_131520 20151017_131539

The cast is crisp and clean without flaws. The casting channels are still on, obviously, but can be removed with clippers and hobby knife. Another word on Prodos casting quality: These are the very first resin miniatures I see that have no flash at all, speaking for the progress and expertise Prodos has acquired.

20151017_131040 20151017_131352

How did I get interested I the AoT Kickstarter. Well, simply put it is a John Robertson game. If you have played any of his rulesets before you have first-hand experience in his approach to balancing a game. There are no terrible offsets and add in the retro/steampunk/old-school look of his games we have a real winner for the discerning gamer.

Checking out the other big names there are Wayne England, Adrian Smith, Jake Thornton and Mark Brendan. Now if that does not make your feet tremble in anticipation you are either dead or young enough to be my offspring…a rather unruly one but that would be my own fault I suppose.

Follow me for more updates on the AoT front and if you are also feeling the fever go check them out at

Ludetii te salutant.

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