TMP (theminiaturespage) – The neverending story

Once more tmp and to be precise user Tango01 has gone above and beyond. Without permission or even asking for such Tango01 has used my pictures to advertise the AoT Kickstarter on tmp. He did not even bother to change anything, copied and pasted my work onto tmp.


I have filed two complaints with tmp and will report how this is being dealt with.

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  2. Dave says:

    Deary me, you would think of asking if you are going to use someones product review (work) as content on another site. Manners are in short supply.

    • R says:

      A recurring problem on tmp I have heard. It is being dealt with. That is all I am gonna say. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. The links to your pictures have been removed, as you requested. The small amount of text which was quoted is allowed under “fair use” copyright provisions.

    • R says:

      Dear Bill

      first thanks for the removal of pictures. Concerning credits etc I have PMed you.

    • R says:

      Update: Bill has added the requested credits and removed the pictures. Remaining issues will be resolved between him and me.

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