Kraken Wargames Gamingmats

Less than 24 hours until Kraken Wargames launch their Kickstarter for gaming mats. We gamers all know the dilemma: Gaming surface. We wants it, we needs it. But where to get them and most of all how to manage when you are on a budget?




Kraken Wargames has managed to transfer their gaming surfaces into gaming mats that do have some terrain features and can be rolled up for convenience and storage. Currently there are several designs for 6×4, 4×4, 6×3 and 3×3 and the guys at Kraken have given me a sneak peek at their work in progress. See below a preproduction mat as well as the original gaming table they built.

Essentially taking the idea of a ready table to the next stage. Roll out your mat and the gaming surface is mostly built. Add in some more terrain if you like and the roll the dice. The mats are printed with 300dpi and are 2mm thick. With an antislip back and minimum repetition in the pattern these mats roll out flat every time. They are also water repellant and scratch resistant, not to mention pleasant to the eye and ears, creating wonderful dice sounds (no guarantees for dice rolls, though.

More designs below:


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