Kickstarter Updates

Happy Seppuku – funded

Kraken Mat – funded

Now on to Glory for both. Spoke briefly to Tobias from Kraken and he sent me some pictures to tease you. First of all the mats were all designed by hand. See below one of the 8 hands actually painting a design study.

Handcrafted Original 1Then mats are photographed and of course the guys at Kraken also playtest them.

Handcrafted Original 3 Kraken Mat in Action 4

Below you can see the city warzone mat and the guys have also uploaded a price list to the KS. Kraken Wargames is made of 4 guys (thus 8 arms reference). If you have not checked them out yet, now is a good time.

Kraken Mat Design 3 Warzone City

 If you are coming via tmp, please be advised neither Tango01 or Bill have done anything for this article. Bill is just making money with other peoples work and Tango01 does not even bother crediting the originators. Hi Bill.

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