Panzerfäuste Kickstarter – Sprung auf, Marsch, Marsch!

Pledged on Rob Alderman’s and Steve Blease’s Kickstarter Panzerfäuste.

Link to the Kickstarter

Panzerfäuste is a Fantasy/WWI/WWII mixture where Orcs, Gnomes and others fight it out on the battlefields. There are both Skirmish as well as a mass battle ruleset being updated from a previous version.

Besides his young age, Rob is a Veteran of the industry with experience at GW and Prodos Games. Now he is the CEO of Hysterical Games and judging from my previous experience with him as well as interviews (e.g. at Brückenkopf) and his actions I can only recommend him and his company.

Rob is dedicated to bring “happyness” into gaming by offering first class product and service. More than once he went above and beyond reasonable (and less reasonable) requests made by fans and foes alike.

Another example is the possibility (especially for German backers that do not have a credit card) to support the Kickstarter indirectly via Paypal.

I have pledged for the Orcs and am debating over Dwarfs as opponents. Definitely want more Orcs (Command and Support?) but that also depends on the mood and approval of my significant other. See below the KS video for the Orcs:


If you are coming via tmp, please be advised neither Tango01 or Bill have done anything for this article. Bill is just making money with other peoples work and Tango01 does not even bother crediting the originators. Hi Bill.



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