Mutant Chronicles RPG models

Awesome new minis from Prodos Games. In cooperation with Modiphius (Mutant Chronicles RPG) these minis are made by Prodos Games and come in Resin. I have chosen the Capitol Set especially because of the AirCav Character.


The three miniature set comes with WZR sized Stat Cards and of course the bases. For more sets check out the RPG Model Section in the Prodos Games online Shop

20151114_180803 20151114_180756

As you can see the casts are essentially flawless, the only issues being a bit of flash and the tip of a Sword came off. Nothing a bit of superglue and patience cannot sort out. Also that other guy (Cartel Agent) looks a bit like a Sealion….. Awesome sauce.

Tomorrow some more AoT. I finished priming and will decide on the paint schemes.

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