AoT update

I will just leave this here.



Both tanks are now primed (almost) and I thought it would be a good idea to throw out a few painting tips. Since these are resin and a lot of gamers will have little experience with this material I have spoken to John about this.

So far it is planned to have a few how-to videos on their youtube channel. While metal and plastic are very straightforward to paint, resin on the other hand can be a bit more challenging. I will leave the details to John but I strongly suggest washing the minis in soapy water and dry them properly before attempting to prime.

Priming as well might be a bit more time consuming. Do not be disheartened when the colour does not stick. The pooling and contraction of paint has to do with the mould release used for resin models. You will need several coats to achieve full coverage and the worst scenario I had was using three layers of spray primer on a miniature years ago.

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