Merry Christmas

Like last year I shall conclude the calendar year with a final post. Past 12 months have been fast paced, disappointing initially but turned out to be getting me into the right direction. In short, whenever I felt down I was kindly reminded that there are people that appreciate me.

Just three of these individuals are named below.

Jarek Ever

Chief honcho at Prodos games. His help has been vital for my dissertation. Not only was I able to speak with him and get very deep insights into Prodos. The data has been so rich that a number of follow up projects will be created.

Rob Alderman

Now the Master at Hysterical games. Even more crucial than Jarek, Rob has led the flow and offered a number of directions during my dissertation. Also his resin offerings are vital for my mental and hobby wellbeing.

John Robertson

Last and most definitely not least. I know John for years now and for his latest project (Age of Tyrants) I am more involved and closer to the action. Lots of (future) developments were run through/across me and I have received a number of samples so can start my AoT experience with considerable lead.20151213_152013

So what bad things have happened?

Mostly one big complex of actions is the root of all evil. Since it is still an ongoing process I cannot talk too much about it. Suffice to say that the outcomes will be quite different from what these people, patting their own shoulders, are expecting. I have, and always will, treat people how they are treating me. Be it my friend, or be it my enemy – I am much better at both than the other party involved.

What other good things have happened?

I am (again) much closer to my wife than before. If I should name one person that makes my life worth living, it is her. Her understanding, her patience and her forgiving are the reasons we are together and enjoying ourselves more each day.

I am also finalising some business ventures. I am reorganising my hobby and generally live a very pleasant daily routine.


I sincerely hope all of you have a peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2016.

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