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Age of Tyrants Episode VI – Return of the Kickstarter

What do you say when a company new to crowdfunding goes on Kickstarter? Good Luck? Obviously but without a big name like Mantic, Hawk or even Reaper how wll can they perform? We have a financing solution! We are 3/4 … Continue reading

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AoT Part V – The Viridian Dire Wolf Strikes back

I would say it is finished. Basing in a red desert theme comes another time. Added some final touches and washing to the Dire Wolf and started doing the metals on the Junker Venator. Of course it will be Red … Continue reading

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Meet fantasy battles – meet WARBAND

Warband – Fantasy Tabletop Battles by Stephen Hardy Courtesy of Leon from Pendraken I have the Warband rules set for almost a year. Finally ordered my second Army (Hill Dwarves) to battle it out with my Dark Elves. Warband offers … Continue reading

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AoT Part IV – a new (tank) hope

Another glorious day in the (VA3A) corps! Due to popular demand more pics of the Red Hammer MLRS and again size comparison to DZC UCM and Shaltari. As you can see the AoT tanks are on the larger side of … Continue reading

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Age of Tyrants Kickstarter III

AoT soon to launch Launching on January 14 on Kickstarter it is time to look at AoT again. I have been asked before to take comparison pictures with other games. The first one coming to mind (and actually played by … Continue reading

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