Age of Tyrants Kickstarter III

AoT soon to launch

Launching on January 14 on Kickstarter it is time to look at AoT again. I have been asked before to take comparison pictures with other games. The first one coming to mind (and actually played by me) is Dropzone Commander. Another range and going to compare it with is the Kometenmelodie by AngelBarracks. I am placing an order with Michael in the next couple of days because I do not have any vehicles yet, so pictures to follow. The third range is the offerings from Plasmablast Games. I have not been in touch with Marios recently and his shop is still closed. I do however have a number of his excellent products and I do hope they will be available again soon.

First of all the comparison with DZC:

20160109_231149  20160109_231155


As you can see the AoT Viridian APC is quite bulky compared to the DZC tank and APC. While the latter looks nicely proportioned for itself you need to remember that DZC is supposedly 10mm scale! That means AoT keeps John’s tradition of being well proportioned (wink wink) and by no means your traditional “I am afraid to break it” 6mm game. Of course a real comparison could only be done once I have some infantry in hand.

The comparison with Plasmablast Games minis is equally breathtaking. Now I love Plasmablast miniatures and yes they are a good size but they are also dwarfed by the AoT samples I have in hand. Scaling, however seems to be a bit more in line between those two.


The buildings by the way are from Brigademodels (left) and Angelbarracks (right). Being on the larger side of 6mm I would not be surprised if the sheer size impresses a number of gamers and the announcement that GW will relaunch EPIC certainly will boost the small scale games market significantly.


A few touchups on the Viridian tank to do and of course finishing the Junker tank as well as the newly received VA3A MLRS. As of now I am even considering 10mm scenery for AoT and I think I will not be too far off. I am looking forward to the launch of the Kickstarter and will keep you all informed here.

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3 Responses to Age of Tyrants Kickstarter III

  1. redtrombone says:

    I’ve always thought that DZC vehicles are one the small scale, while Angel Barracks are large. Both are lovely, though.

    • redtrombone says:

      (I forgot to mention that the AoT ones are AWESOME)

      • R says:

        Yep, I like the DZC designs as well.

        John’s designs always have the same style and I for one like this style. Also, being in line with previous incarnations of games in the Void 1.1 universe will hopefully get some old followers on the track as well. Knowing John I expect nothing but the best ruleswise.

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