AoT Part IV – a new (tank) hope

Another glorious day in the (VA3A) corps!

Due to popular demand more pics of the Red Hammer MLRS and again size comparison to DZC UCM and Shaltari.

20160111_082641 20160111_082306 20160111_082311 20160111_082316 20160111_082331 20160111_082341 20160111_082401 20160111_082528 20160111_082609

As you can see the AoT tanks are on the larger side of 6mm and the detail is just amazing. I am very much looking forward to seeing the infantry (wink, wink, nudge nudge), the Junkers in particular.

Building the Red Hammer was straightforward. Parts very obviously get together and the design is in line with John’s previous style.

20160110_152340 20160110_151736

Next thing is to slab some paint on it and await the Kickstarter (January 14th).


If you are coming via tmp, please be advised neither Tango01 or Bill have done anything for this article. Bill is just making money with other peoples work and Tango01 does not even bother crediting the originators. Hi Bill.

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