Meet fantasy battles – meet WARBAND

Warband – Fantasy Tabletop Battles by Stephen Hardy

Courtesy of Leon from Pendraken I have the Warband rules set for almost a year. Finally ordered my second Army (Hill Dwarves) to battle it out with my Dark Elves. Warband offers a full fantasy rules set in as little as thirty-three pages. Roughly the same amount is spent on Army lists, scenarios and designer notes. Aimed at the 10 mm Pendraken figure range the rules set is a “roll 4 to succeed” type where units based on 100×50 mm bases clash.

Without much insight yet I do follow Pendraken for quite a while and therefore understand this as a gentleman’s game where fun is the core target. Of course the most important rules of all (Wheaton’s law) is prominently placed on the first few pages and short skimming through the rules reinforces this idea.

For example you have limited access to elite units, while you must field a certain number of core units. Limiting the amount of elite units and magic users focuses the game on manoeuvring and utilising your basic troops to the best of your (and they are) ability. I already like it.

The game is also open enough to allow instant changes to, say the basing. Instead of 100x50mm I will use 80x40mm because I already based my Dark Elves this way. Also my commander is not a “by the book” character. I’m looking forward to try this game and will update you here accordingly.

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