Age of Tyrants Episode VI – Return of the Kickstarter

What do you say when a company new to crowdfunding goes on Kickstarter? Good Luck? Obviously but without a big name like Mantic, Hawk or even Reaper how wll can they perform? We have a financing solution! We are 3/4 funded and merely 16.5 hours into the one month funding period. Voila!

If you need more information on the game, why not head over to the dedicated website ( and get intot he threads on army building, KS Goodies etc.

John has been extremely anxious about the start of the campaign and is unlikely to have gotten much sleep as I can see from the forums. Me, for once, I will go back paint my Junker tank and the Urban War Shockmarines.

Happy pledging here:

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2 Responses to Age of Tyrants Episode VI – Return of the Kickstarter

  1. Tim McDowall says:

    Doh! Always dangerous for a gamer to go on Kickstarter. Especially me. Backed Age of Tyrants!

    • R says:

      Glad to have you on board. We are funded and some additions are in the pipeline. Koralon for once, expansions such as Amphibious Assault coming as well. Afaik the next Stretchgoal will be CLAUs.

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