Space Crusading with Prodos Games

Just during my (belated) breakfast the postman rang – twice – and a nice little care package from Poland was delivered. I have been at Prodos supporter for over a year now and to summarise, it has been a sometimes bumpy but enjoyable ride.

On this occasion I had spoken to Michal H and to honour the blog he supplied me with a couple of the new releases for Space Crusade as well as Warzone Resurrection. I will review them one after the other but bear in mind that my relocation to China is taking most of my time.

Today we are looking at the following sets:

WZR – Mercurian Maculator


SC – Nyx


SC – Amazons (Bikers)


The other sets will go in to different reviewers.  All sets came in the new packaging, so no more blisters. The packaging is a cardboard box with artwork printed on all sides and a heart cardboard box inside with the miniatures safely packaged with all accessories, cut and by foam.

After the quick bath in soapy water the minis are drying now and it’s time for a first inspection.


The Nyx is the first item to review. I call it no less than the next revolution in miniature making as it is a single piece cast (resin) which will make the mini and the game very accessible to younger gamers, time constrained gamers but also boardgame players. And the best of all is the integral base. However, I will look at a different basing option, possibly 30 mm DS.

The Amazon Biker lady is from the not-PG13 version of the game so I had to photoshop the picture a little. This one is a multipart resin cast so it offers a little more customisation potential. Worth a side note, also the base is made in resin.


Finally the Mercurian Maculators and pictures say more than a thousand words. All miniatures I received are flawless casts which should provide minimal preparation work to go from box to gain. Interesting feature here are the base inserts cast in resin, offering the discerning wargamer free scenic basis along with the miniatures.

20160411_110015 20160411_110057 20160411_124208 20160411_124213

After they are dry I will continue this review, paint them up and start gaming. Not only do I want to start Dark Legion (the only faction I do not yet own in WZR) or get into Space Crusade (PG13 for China) but also want to use the SC minis for a Sisters of Battle/Inquisition/Grey Knight army. But, alas, I need to move to China first before I can even think of any of this.

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