The Dark Symmetrie is strong in this one

Started to paint the Mercurian Maculator and made some progress on the Panzerfäuste Orcs. First of all the Maculator.

It is a bulky beast and I have chosen a blueish incarnation of the guy. Nice feature is the inclusion of resin base inserts, that allow you to add some eye candy to your minis. Again I stress the point that Jarek is an engineer, adding snap in to securely attach the mini to the resin base insert.

20160412_184551 20160412_184601

After Vallejo grey primer I started with Vallejo GC Ultramarine and a layer of Night Blue. To continue I will go Sky Blue and brush with a lighter blue. The gun will be Gun Metal with Armor Wash and Dark grey features. Khaki Loincloth and some Brass on the armour will complete the guy. The base was done in several Brown shades, going lighter every time. Needs more brushing with Longbeard Grey. The start of my DL, the wife is not amused.

On to Hysterical Games and Rob. Within an hour of calling for aid, Poppy’s surgery had been financed and many well wishers are still coming forward, making sure Rob and Hannah’s dog will recover swiftly. Now the business has not paused and Rob has been casting stock for Salute2016 this weekend where he will have limited edition mugs and bags. Grab them while you can and buy all his stock of Panzerfäuste and S.P.Q.Orc, his latest crazy game. In cooperation with Maveryc Games the Orcs are now Roman Legionaires, the rest is silence.

20160412_184526 20160412_184543

My Orcs have been attacked with paint as well and the Doc as well as the first model soldier showcase what I will do to them. Generally I am aiming for a “Tommy” look on them and while my painting is rusty (never was any good in the first place) the following Orcs will look a little better. Currently putting the brownish tones on, next one are the rifles with uniform, boots and webbing generally done.

Since I have heard “Dwarf Fallschirmjäger” and Orc Local Defense Volunteers I cannot shake off the idea of “Sealion”. So buying from Rob at Salute and on the coming webshop will ensure swift release of further Panzerfäuste waves. “And when you are asking, why are they not coming. Rest assured, they will come and you can fight dem on da beachez

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