Panzerfäuste – Orc Expeditionary Forces

After the Dwarfs’ invasion into the land of Les Gnomes the Orc Expeditionary Forces jointly with les armees Gnomaise met the Teutonic Threat. My first Panzerfäuste shipment contained the Orc Infantry and Command sets with more sets on the way after Salute.

I decided for a generally brownish Tommy style for my Orcs and voila here is the result.


The Enigma team is waiting for its finishing touches. A little wash on the wire, the handconsole and the back pack of the Orc in the background and that will be it. The infantry is finished besides one arm that was missing from my package and finally the MG team with some work remaining. The remainder of the support weapons is on the way along with a set of Dwarf Grenadiers so ym Orcs have something to shoot at. I sourced some proxies for Dwarf Paratroopers and below are my proxies for Gnomish Legion Etrangere and Resistance.


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