More Panzerfäuste – again

Just a quick update on my Panzerfäuste. Tomorrow, if things go according to plans, Dwarf Grenadiers and the Orc Support will be posted. In the meantime I painted some 20mm Platoon 20 Minis from East Riding Miniatures (ERM) I had at home for a couple of years.

20160420_212912 20160420_212920

There are now Gnome Legion Etrangere and Resistance as well as Commando Naval. I immediately ordered some more items from ERM which arrived a day after despatch. Welcome the German Dwarf Paratroopers (Wip). The Rocket Launcher/AT Gun is actually a modern US TOW team with some filing done on their helmets.

Also new some custom tokens I had done and will use in my game over the weekend. If you join the Panzerfäuste Facebook group, you will be able to download the scenario and my own personal Quickstart Rules ( .

Pictures and Battle Report next time.

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