Orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs, orcs…..and some Dwarfs

More Panzerfäuste arrived today. Despite the desire to finally play, more (academic) work has consumed my weekend and will hold me up for at least another week. So much more fun to see these beauties arrive today, along with another miscast (Boulangerie Gnomaise).

20160425_12550020160425_125452 20160425_125553

These are Dwarf Grenadiers, Orc Support and the Gnome Bakery. Additionally I had some tokens commissioned from Hurlbat Games (http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/hurlbatgames?_trksid=p2047675.l2559). Pleasant people to deal with and gave me a great deal for a total of 75 tokens. Yes, these are a Tankard (Dwarfs), Mushroom(Gnomes) and a Kettle (Orcs) to mark units that have completed their activation along with a set each of “Pinned” and “Prone” (crawling) tokens to mark units accordingly that are suppressed or gone to ground.


They are made in MDF and will also work for my venture into the massbattles of Panzerfäuste. I admit, I am weak. After reading the Beta rules and seeing their potential I am going to commit to more Orcs and Dwarfs (Highlanders!!!!, Home Guard!!!!!, Fallschirmjäger!!!!!). Speaking to Steve and Rob we were joking about future nations and units. Steve assured me I would love the Italian Bersaglieri and did not rule out Dragons and Pandas for Chinese.

Having such madhatters run a company and listening to a madhatter of my magnitude can only end up in a total mockery. But then again a less serious take on gaming and putting fun of experiencing the interaction with a fellow gamer first is what our hobby needs. Add in that Rob’s “miscasts” are better than some other companies’ production items I am also pleased to reiterate that retail sale has begun via their webshop (http://www.shattered-glass.co.uk/HystericalGames/index.php/shop/panzerfauste)

If you consider yourself a connoiseur of gaming I encourage you to support Rob and Steve, get some of their minis and enjoy. My friend Steven now has every intention to use these beauties for Bolt Action, a game Rob and Steve did also have in mind when reviving Panzerfäuste.

Finally the German Paratrooper proxies from ERM. I went for a “The Eagle has Landed” look. Very nice (metal) minis and 20mm makes the highly compatible as what they are as well. Maybe not your mainstream stuff and with some deficits but from a small company and affordably priced (2.50 GBP for a set of 4 soldiers/ a weapon team – no bases included).

German Paras

Now on to more academic work. Normal painting and gaming will be resumed shortly.

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