Orc Mortar and AT Team, Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfäuste and finally some Space Crusade

The last two weeks had really great news accompanied with several good painting sessions which saw the finishing of my Orc mortar and anti-tank teams as well as the Dwarf Grenadiers for Panzerfäuste.

20160723_121222 20160714_195553 20160719_100312 20160719_100323

Having spoken to Rob a couple of times I had to correct my future order correspondingly in order to take advantage of all the current and future releases Hysterical Games are planning until summer 2017.

Furthermore I ordered two large scale miniatures from el Greco miniatures (https://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/) which arrived the day after I ordered them, making use of a discount they offered. I got myself miniatures from Draconia, namely the Ice Elf and an Excelsy. Together with my Leona Lobo (Kabuki) and Finari (Reaper) I should be well prepared for the first couple of months in China.

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Finally I got around to put some more paint on my Space Crusade minis that Michal sent me some months ago. I have decided to go with a simple black and white scheme and to use 5 WZR Capitol Light Infantry as an infantry squad and to get myself two sets off PG13 Crusaders from Prodos asap. The image below indicates the route I am taking.


Additional workload will be added by getting some of the limited edition metal miniatures from Meridian and, hopefully, getting some more stuff from Victoria Miniatures. My first purchase in China however will be colours (Vallejo Model Colour) and storage racks since I can’t take mine.

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