About me:
Wargaming since 1989 I have set up this blog to share my thoughs about new releases, current and future systems and miniatures. Showcasing some projects I have been working on, rants and raves about all kinds of things I finally decided to do something with my experience and publish a magazine to tie in with this blog. There are still some ongoing issues but as soon as possible I will start putting out publications.

The end of a major publication in the tabletop market has also prompted me to give gamers what they expect:

  • Battle Reports
  • Interviews with artists, painters and creators
  • Project Diaries
  • Painting workshops
  • Game System Introductions
  • and and and…

There is possibly not always 100 % of what you expect in the magazine but I am confident that you will still find it very interesting.

Any links posted strictly represent the oppinion of the owner of that link address. I have no control or influence over any content published and therefore take no responsibility for it.

The views expressed on my blog are entirely my own and in no way representative for the manufacturers or gaming community as such. All copyrights and trademarks are and remain property of their respective owners.

I ask all commentors to keep their comments reasonable. Any transgression will be dealt with.

Should you want to contact me for whatever reason use the contact form provided.


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