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AoS Stormcast Eternals

6 down, 3 to go. To finalise them a Ballista and Vanguard with Crossbow. Maybe Judicators if the Ballista is only in the big set. Advertisements

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Tango the Thief

A TMP story continues. According to the latest stats Tango the Thief started to come back to my blog. What are you planning to rip off from here to post on tmp this time? Or will Bill finally show a … Continue reading

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Age of Sigmar

In other news, I am starting to get into Age of Sigmar. Naturally with the poster boys but a Seraphon (Lizardmen) starter is already here. Another order has already been placed with my dude at the (local? Shanghai!) GW store. … Continue reading

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An ancient evil….

What could be in there?

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A restart

After moving to the third flat in as many years I can finally restart the gaming and painting. My new daytime job leaves little time for it but another colleague is a tabletopper just like me. Expect more news and … Continue reading

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Review of ‘WARBAND – Fantasy Tabletop Wargaming Rules by Stephen Hardy’

After some serious procrastination I am back with a quick review of the rule set written by Stephen Hardy and published by the wonderful guys at Pendraken Miniatures. Leon and Dave have been helping me on a number of occasions … Continue reading

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2016 – a retrospect

I have not painted a single stroke since August 25th when I came here. Still planning to although my time is continously reduced but such is life. Not your usual 2016 review but what a year it was. In 2017 … Continue reading

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