Copyright Information


The content on this blog is provided “as is” by the owner. Besides careful selection of information I have no control over any content linked and thus take no responsibility for content or any damage that might occur. Please also see:

The owner retains all rights of content produced by him, third party content is only used where prior consent of the original owner has been obtained.

If you would like to use any content it would be much apreciated to seek consent before doing so. I retain the right to withdraw consent at any time and to seek legal and financial recourse. Any information provided may be shared freely as long as its remains within context and its origin is clearly visible.

I have not and will never consent in tmp (theminiaturespage) sharing my content, especially when doing so without proper identification of its origin. The owner has been made aware of this.


Pingback/Crossharing with other blogs

Above policy does not cover crossharing/pingback from other blogs as per definition of the aforementioned actions.


This policy cames into effect 10/25/2015 15:59 British Standard time.

Please see:



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