A good idea from my daughter actually and I have followed suit to display my projects current, future and completed. Starting from today and without boring you with old projects I will update as often as possible. While real life is a bit in the way at the moment (Research Degree) my daughter’s interest will make sure I get to paint and play more often in the near future.

The rules:


Current Projects:

Dropzone Commander Shaltari Army
– Starter Set

WZR Cybertronic
– 10 Mirrormen, 5 Chasseurs, 1 Doctor Diana Squad Commander

WZR Brotherhood
– Sacred Warriors, Icarus

WZR Bauhaus
– 10 Etoiles

Urban War/ CTA Viridian Striketeam “Hammer of Iskandria”
– Hasslefree CLAU Pilot, Hasslefree female Interdict, 2 Interdicts, 6 Shock Marines (including Serg and Trask), Sniper, CLAU

Imperial Guard 101 Airborne
– Victoria Miniatures Arcadian Guard (female) 2 troops, 1 Sniper troop, Female Commissar
– 2 Ramshackle Miniatures Rhebok APCs
– Victoria Miniatures World Devils (Anzac style)
– Mad Mecha Guy Hercules Dropship

Future Projects:

– Second Starter, some terrain and a gaming board

WZR Capitol Airborne
– Henry Thomas, Chuck Robbins, 10 Airborne, 10 Banshees, 6 Sealions (with Hasslefree “Woody” non-canon Squad Commander Upgrade”)

WZR Imperial Wolfbanes
– Starter Set, Morton Oakenfist, 10 Blood Berets, 6 Golden Lions

Mercs Miniatures – Keizai Waza Team
– Basic Team, need to get a stand-in for “The Spy”

Finished Projects:


4 Responses to Projects-Roland

  1. Azazel says:

    This actually rubs me the wrong way. Asking people for money to buy you toys so that you can review them? If you have a job (and you apparently do) and a real passion for the hobby then you could (and would) buy them yourself and get your fledgling magazine off the ground that way. $100 for DZC? You can’t afford $100 yourself? I doubt that. It seems you just want the freebies. The vast majority of us who blog purchase models off our own bat and then provide those same reviews for free. We don’t ask others to pay for them and then ask them to pay again to read the reviews.

    If you wish people to take your mag seriously, then you need to increase your own investment into it. A few gaming mats, some proper terrain, and some time fixing them up, rather than your kitchen table and a couple of papercraft buildings. Dave Graffam’s stuff is on WGV and only cost a couple of dollars each. Spend $20 and buy a few to use in your Batreps, and then review them *before* you ask him for freebies to review.

    It basically comes across like you’re interested in minis gaming, but want others to supply the needed products gratis in exchange for reviews.

    I just bought the first 4 of your magazines to look at them, and suggest that you find yourself a native English speaker of good quality who is willing to proofread your writing and fix up the spelling and grammatical errors. Seeing now that you’re German, I do have to say that your English is excellent, but it’s not perfect. and as you are charging for your content it really needs to be proofread properly.

    • Hi Azazel,

      Thanks for your opinion. As you are doing a blog ( about miniatures as well your accusation and snipe at my nationality and capabilities is quite unbecoming. I do not understand why you are trying a low blow but let me address your comments one by one:

      My job:
      My job is this magazine and yes it works for me. Not for making millions but I actually do get paid doing something I really enjoy. That situation alone makes it better than rolling to work every day for someone else. If you are not that lucky that is unfortunate but you can change your situation.

      Freebies and investments:
      As you have clearly read these are PROJECTS that readers and I have come up with. Most of them are not my core interest but the public demands and shall be given. Since May 2014 I have put more than 500 GBP of my own money into this venture – plus my own gaming expenses and freebies. I am sure you can convert this amount, if not:

      To make projects happen earlier than in my own time I give you and all readers the opportunity to crowdfund such ventures because that is what people wanted. I am sure you are aware that many people are interested in, say DZC, but do not want to spend 100 $ just to find out it is not their cup of tea. So why not spend a few $ to accelerate a review and find out if you rather get a steak, a DVD or DZC?

      Having said that I admit I have also gotten a huge number of discounts and free stuff. Is that upsetting you? Why?

      Maybe I am getting them because I do not come across as a dick when I get in touch with manufacturers? Maybe manufacturers get something in return for their efforts as well? And finally, why is my business your business? If there is nothing in it for a manufacturer they will (justly) tell me to sod off.

      As long as all parties are OK with any arrangement I do not see why your blood pressure is rising. Quite suggestive.

      If you are not able to get freebies, I am happy to help you out – gamer to gamer. I have a pretty good idea where my advantage is.

      The project page also starts with other options how to help the magazine – something you have not bothered to iterate. If I was after free stuff I would not offer FREE options to make this magazine a success or invite readers to participate at all. A few things you should consider before accusing me of scrounging – but then again evidence to the contrary is easily overlooked/ignored, right?

      Concerning my kitchen table I would like to point out that not all gamers are as fortunate as you are with multiple gaming tables of any size and so on. Most of us have limited space and play a lot of Skirmishers that you actually CAN play on something as small as a kitchen table is one of the core aspects these days. I would like to think that playing on my kitchen table shows people that even with limited time, space and terrain they can enjoy gaming. Do you not enjoy gaming? Or do you not like it when people less fortunate than you can enjoy it?

      Dave does excellent stuff and I actually have some. Unfortunately it is mostly Fantasy which I have not yet gotten into and strangely no one of my readers has called for. As for free stuff please refer to the beginning of this section. My Gaming mats for WZR and Starmada are on the way and yes I designed them and had them printed on my own account.

      My magazine:
      Thanks for your purchase. Must be doing something right that you had to buy all four magazines in one go. I do have a proofreader but apparently yours is much better; just a reminder that after a full-stop the next word starts in capital. If I was not sure I like something I would only buy one magazine…or even better, get the FREE test-issue. Thanks for your confidence.

      Your purchase is less than 12 hours ago and I am impressed you have had the time for a thorough review of all 4 issues – again I would need more time, especially if people are to take me serious.

      I have taken the liberty to look at your blog and it looks good. I have not had the time to review it but am happy to do so – free of course.

      My English is certainly not perfect and neither are my French, Spanish or Chinese, but neither is your English (as shown), German, French, Spanish or Chinese. At least my PhD supervisor has found no trouble understanding me.

      In summary I suggest you don’t judge before you know the facts. In fact I strongly advise against such. Not only do you make yourself appear like a jealous troll but some people might take it the wrong way.

      Being on the internet, using social media and claiming freedom of speech is one thing. But especially the latter is a privilege, not a duty. You are ultimately responsible and can be held accountable for your ramblings – in short: Wheaton’s Law. Something I have on my mind all the time and if something about my blog or magazine is giving you trouble why not email me and ask about it?

      A simple email like “hey dude, that comes across like you are scrounging” is much less hostile than letting yourself out in a comment like this. Other readers email me if they have any issues.

      By all means I am an approachable person but I do not condone nonsense and vitriol. I urge you to keep any future comment or reaction above the belt.


  2. Marucs says:

    Interesting to read a comment here at this site of the blog… The question is why?

    If i am interested to help this magazine and to read about a game or miniatures i like, i can decide to spend a few $ to realize it.
    If i don’t want to spend some $ to realize one of the projects i don’t do it. It’s my decission. I have the decission, no one else…

    Just my two cents…

    • Dear Marcus,

      we all may have our reasons.

      I have explained to the gentleman that these Projects are an OPTION to get involved and drive the content of the magazine. I cannot
      cover everything the market has to offer and my personal focus may not be what readers are looking for.

      Besides my explanation there has been a second, equally patronizing comment that I am inclined not to approve. I have yet again attempted to
      clarify any issue the gentleman may have via personal email but have not received any form of courtesy in return, starting with hiding behind
      an internet alias and a few highly insulting remarks. Further details shall be omitted because I feel it does not add any value for the reader.

      Just in short that I have been accused of scrounging and offering favourable reviews in return for free stuff. I am waiting for exactly one person
      to send me an advert for the magazine in return for minis I have received. These minis have not been featured in the magazine as of now. All other
      help I have received has been greatly appreciated and, moreover have I always offered something in return.

      I will never sell favourable reviews in return for free stuff. I always indicate what I have received for free. It has yet to lead to a, shall we say clouded,
      view on the items at hand. I review with honesty and a sense of proportion whether I bought items retail, discounted or received them in product exchange.

      Unfortunately this is not understood or appreciated by everyone.

      The gentleman’s purchase of all four magazines indicates a general interest so I must be doing something right.
      To come to such a conclusion within less than 12 hours of the purchase and to assume “Pendraken is my LGS” , well
      let’s just say it sheds some light on possible intentions and at how deep any possible study of the magazine has been.

      The rest is silence.


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